Tallinn programme 2017

Your City needs You

We are glad that you have decided to get acquainted with the vision of the Greens of Estonia for Tallinn.
In this programme we brought together at first glance, perhaps unusually daring, but feasible ideas.

Conscious people who, before choosing, familiarize themselves with the positions of the candidates, will give impetus to the creation of a modern and truly human-friendly city. Managing a modern city can be made much more efficient, transparent and more economical by today’s technological capabilities.

City life does not need to be in contrast with the idyllic rural life with distress and noisiness and cause stress. We create a modern, spacious and human-friendly city space in Tallinn, in which it is convenient to live and navigate for all of the inhabitants.

The Greens of Estonia are representatives of various fields who are facing the needs of the entire population of the city, including those whose voice often does not respond sufficiently loudly – the elderly, children, people with low income and people with special needs, as well as animals and plants. We also have responsibility for future generations who have to live in a world that we and ourselves are shaping by our decisions – or by failing to do so.

Living city

Although the city offers different possibilities for residents, and residents of the city generally have a higher standard of living, it often is not expressed in their happiness: the inhabitants of rural and small towns are generally more satisfied with their lives and are more optimistic about the future. We will make Tallinn a human-friendly living environment. It is not possible to plant whole horizons of forrest in between apartment buildings, but we can keep and extend green areas, support the decoration of the yards, keep the city clean, reduce greenhouse gases, fight against noise pollution, and plan the city so that everyone can live here as well as possible.

To do this:

  • We stop using toxic pesticides on children’s playgrounds and street care
  • We bring Tallinn to the map of Pesticide Free Towns
  • We embody the principles of permaculture and create green spaces in Piet Odolf’s seasonal style
  • We map and plan areas suitable for contemporary urban agriculture
  • We apply green areas for a new type of recreational and social use, such as communes and rent gardens
  • We will develop the city’s food independence by creating new jobs at urban and sub-urban smallfarms
  • When cultivating local food, we use vertical agriculture and aeroponics techniques
  • We set up a comfortable community garden with a recreation area behind the superministry and the overpass through Tuvi park
  • We value green areas by mapping and protecting old trees
  • We support the renovation of the Linnahall as a conference center
  • We support the decoration of yards
  • We are launching the Patarei Creative Center Project
  • During the Christmas season, we only decorate living trees

The future is renewable

Energy production must be as close as possible to consumption in order to reduce transmission costs and dependence on oil shale energy. Solar panels, cogeneration plants and smart energy storage devices will be supported by the city in terms of consultation and project management. By planning the future, we proceed from long-term goals rather than quick profits.

To do this:

  • We map the production potential of renewable energy for residential and commercial buildings throughout the city and share it with the residents so that they can make forward-looking decisions.
  • We support the use of solar panels.
  • We will switch all public authorities and public buildings to 100% renewable energy.
  • We allow loading of electric cars from street lighting and shopping centers and Park&Ride car parks
  • We arrange a competition for the European Green Capital Metropolitan Project Leader to meet the Green City Principles and Best Practices