Press Release – European Greens launch petition for the timely and urgent development of coronabonds in response to the crisis


6 April 2020

The European Greens launched a new petition on their platform for citizen engagement -Tilt! ( – asking the Eurogroup to urgently introduce coronabonds issued by the European Union, in order to finance a common EU response to the crisis.

Evelyne Huyetbroeck and Thomas Waitz, co-chairs of the European Green Party, comment:

“We believe EU leaders currently have a once-in-a-generation responsibility to demonstrate concretely, that solidarity is indeed at the heart of the European project. A mutual debt instrument such as coronabonds could be a make-or-break moment for the future of Europe. Coronabonds not only answer a growing demand for solidarity by European citizens, they are also the embodiment of the European solidarity we need to overcome this crisis.”

Eestimaa Rohelised volikogu toetab koroonavõlakirjade mõtet ja kampaaniat ning kutsub üles kõiki inimesi kampaaniale oma allkirja andma.

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